Today's engines are far more complex machines than ever.

Gone are the days when all it took was a few wrenches and screwdrivers to keep a car's motor in tip top shape. While technological advancements like new direct injection systems, more advanced turbochargers, and stricter emissions have made engines more advanced and efficient, they also made repairs more difficult, not to mention more expensive and complex.

To help you keep the motor of your car in tip-top working order, here are three simple tips that you can take to heart so that your engine performs smoothly, efficiently, and environmentally-friendly.

Don't worry, they're much simpler than you think.

Dynaflex energizes new Shell V-Power gasoline, diesel fuels

1. Religious maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or so the saying goes. With cars, that couldn't be more true.

Simple tasks such as a full check up, a regularly scheduled oil change, periodic tune ups, and other measures are there to prevent costly repairs. Have your engine inspected religiously and thoroughly. Any warning signs such as odd noises, unusually high temperature readings, irregular vibrations, sporatic sputters, or losses of power can be easily addressed if caught early on, and they're cheaper too than performing more expensive repairs such as a full overhaul.

It's a good practice to bring your car to a legitimate and qualified service station periodically. The typical preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) of most cars is after the first 1,000 kilometers, followed by a 5,000 kilometer check, and then intervals of 5,000 kilometers afterwards. Some cars require servicing only every 10,000 kilometers. Consult the owner's manual to figure out the proper schedules for your maintenance checks.

Dynaflex energizes new Shell V-Power gasoline, diesel fuels

2. Wear and tear depends on the driver

Modern automobiles are rigorously tested to endure over tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of kilometers during the development phase. But the real test of durability of a car is in the hands of its owner, as the wear and tear of a car depends greatly on how it is driven.

If driven roughly, chances are that the pace of the wear and tear will accelerate. A driver who is rough with the steering, the accelerator, the brakes, the clutch and the gearstick (for manual transmission models) will find that the car will start to show signs of aging far quicker than normal.

If driven smoothly and with care, the engine, the mechanicals, the body, and all the other components of the car will likewise perform more smoothly, and last longer. Exaggerated and sudden inputs put a strain on all of the car's components, particularly the engine; drive like that and you will quickly find the weakest link in the machine. Also avoid roads that are particularly rough.

Dynaflex energizes new Shell V-Power gasoline, diesel fuels

3. Pick the right fuel for the job

The most common factor that hinders every engine from performing at its absolute best is something called fuel deposits. This occurrence robs the motor of performance, efficiency, and harms emissions by affecting the combustion of the engine.

But fret not because the solution is literally at every Shell Service Station. It's called Dynaflex, and you can find it in every liter of Shell V-Power that goes into your tank.

Dynaflex energizes new Shell V-Power gasoline, diesel fuels

Dynaflex is an advanced new formulation created by Shell's scientists, drawing on over 100 years of experience in the industry, to achieve better performance and emissions. Shell Dynaflex does this by dealing with stubborn dirt deposits in the fuel system from the injectors, the valves, and the combustion chamber. These deposits prevent the engine from performing at its best, and cleaning them is a top priority for Shell.

The new fuel was engineered to improve the performance of new and advanced engines, but also work just as well for older motors. And it's not all about gasoline; even Shell's diesel fuels have been improved by the cleaning power of Dynaflex.

The Shell V-Power line is now infused with Dynaflex to provide motorists with a fuel that cleans their engine with every drive such as V-Power Gasoline and V-Power Diesel.