The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has today issued a new policy for the Land Transportation (LTO) offices around the country: No plates released means no salary for the LTO.

Speaking exclusively to and on the condition of anonymity today, April 1, 2015, the DOTC top brass have, in light of the many, many delays regarding the release of the new standardized license plates, declared that LTO employees will not be receiving any salary because of a failure to deliver the new plates.

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"We will not be paying our friends at the LTO any salary or bonuses since they failed to deliver a huge majority of the plates that were promised and paid for," said one DOTC executive who refused to be named.

The LTO has been vehemently blaming automotive dealers for not releasing the plates and implemented the "No Plate, No Travel" policy today, so the DOTC responded in kind.

"We can't have an inefficient government agency assigning blame to others. No plates means the LTO didn't work hard enough. It's only fair that they don't get paid until they get their job done," concluded our source.