In anticipation for the brand’s new flagship coupe, Lexus Manila joins in the fanfare by being the very first to unveil the new LC500 to their esteemed clients.

Lexus LF500h rear quarter

Bearing ever so minimal changes since it came out as the LF-LC Concept at Geneva in 2012, the production version LC faithfully maintains the concept’s imposing design features. Prior to its unveiling, Satoru Suzuki, President of Toyota Motor Philippines, informed the audience that the LC500 signifies a new chapter in Lexus design. Upon the coupe’s reveal, it was easy to understand what he meant; Its rather girthy profile is flanked with aggressive yet flowing lines across the body, giving each angle of the car its fair share of prominence. Suffice to say, it appears Lexus has grown tired of being plain.

Lexus LF500h headlight

The front fascia of the LC is arguably the most striking. The signature Spindle Grille’s gaps stretch as the grille goes downward, giving off an organic yet overbearing look for the front end. Flanked by the rather edgy Daytime Running Lights and LED headlamps positioned on the far corners, it’s safe to say the LC’s front fascia sets the mood for the rest of the car’s aggressive profile.

Lexus LF500h front quarter

The sides of the LC, much like the concept, carries simple yet clear-cut lines that further accentuate the coupe’s GT proportions. Apart from being an interesting touch, the vent behind the doors likely provides cooling to the rear brakes as well. Should you still not have an idea of how big this coupe is, the wheels – and brakes – of the LC may be a clear indication of the car’s size. Filling the arches of the LC are 21-inch wheels shod in 245/40s in front and 275/35s at the back.

Lexus LF500h dashboard

Stepping into the LC’s interior it’s easy to see that it takes cues from the LFA; The centered-tach in the instrument binnacle as well as the ear-like knobs for the lights and wipers being the more obvious items that were replicated. Aside from the driver’s end of things though, the rest of the interior carries over the LC’s flowing lines. Most surfaces in the cabin are wrapped in varying shades of semi-aniline leather, meaning all the textures found in the LC’s cabin retain the natural graining commonly associated with genuine leather. Of interesting note in the LC’s cabin are how the door cards appear to flow towards the rather minimalistic protruding door handle.

Lexus LF500h tail light

The rear end of the LC finishes off with a ‘silhouette’ of the Spindle Grille found in front, the fascia itself bearing a similar bulge in the shape of the front grille. As is expected of Lexus vehicles, the lighting for the LC’s tail is a spectacle on its own; The L-shaped illumination of the lights have a repeating appearance as it fades into the light housing’s background.

Lexus LF500h engine

Underneath the wide bonnet sits a 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 much like that found in the RC-F. Churning out a respectable 473PS and 527nM of torque, power from the motor is then delivered through a 10-speed automatic to the rear wheels. The 10-speed gearbox is reportedly aimed towards delivering smoother shifting instead of outright quicker gear changes.

While the LC makes its first appearance in the country this year, Lexus Manila expects to have first deliveries of the coupe sometime May 2017. Prices for the LC500 have yet to be disclosed at the moment as well.