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2019 BMW Z4 is out. Is the Toyota Supra next?


2019 BMW Z4 makes official debut

It was a long time coming and after countless spyshots and shakedowns on the Nurburgring, BMW has officially pulled the covers off the all-new Z4.

There's only one variant available for now, but it's a powerful one. Under the hood is a potent turbocharged inline-six which makes 340 PS. Torque figures weren't revealed yet but given that the horsepower rating is the same as the M240i, it is possible that the Z4 packs 500 Nm of torque as well. It's then paired with an eight-speed sport automatic transmission although it is yet to be known if a six-speed manual will also be available. These power figures also hint at the engine of the upcoming Supra.


As for styling, it confirms the authenticity of the leaked photos a few weeks back. In some ways, the all-new Z4 breaks away from tradition with its vertical, upswept tail lights with the corona rings (angel eyes) stacked on top of each other. There's still the signature kidney grill, which marks it as a true BMW.

The rest of the car follows the classic roadster formula of a long hood and short rear deck. Deep cuts on the fenders and doors add flair to the sides of the drop top. At the back, the wide rear bumper has slim air outlets on each corner and the slim L-shaped tail lights are similar to that of the 8 Series Coupe. No more metal folding roof for the new Z4; it reverts back to the classic soft top configuration.

Inside, the center stack is tilted towards the driver, a BMW signature since the 70's. The iDrive infotainment screen adapts a floating design, and is much wider than before, while sharp angles and geometric shapes form the dash. The third-generation Z4 also has a fully-digital instrument cluster, which was first seen in the 8 Series.

As the world knows by now, it shares the same platform as the upcoming Toyota Supra, which makes us wonder if the reborn, iconic Japanese sports couple will finally be fully revealed soon as well. For now however, the world has now seen what is, essentially, the soft-top Supra.

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