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2019 Toyota Supra spotted sporting production wheels


Lightly-camo'd Toyota Supra caught wearing new shoes

For the longest time, our spies photographed the all-new Supra wearing what appeared to be wheels borrowed from BMW. Now, it looks like the Toyota Supra has finally put on the production wheels after our insiders once again spotted the lightly-camo'd prototype.

Unlike previous spy photos wherein the Supra still had pre-production alloys, the latest batch of photos show bigger alloy wheels that come with a unique finish. Upon closer inspection, the wheels have a five-spoke, twin-piece design along with a contrasting metal and gloss black finish. Also curious to see on the wheels is the Toyota logo that is hidden behind the black tape covering the center. This could further indicate that the wheels seen here are the final production version.


Besides the wheels themselves, our insiders also managed to get a closer look at the tires. Apparently, the all-new Supra will come with low-profile Michelin tires. Exact dimensions have yet to be seen but based on one of the photos, the Supra will come with wide 255 series tires.

As for its exterior, the prototype seen here is thinly-veiled, allowing us to see what could be the final shape of the next-generation Supra. Dominating the front fascia are sweeping headlights and the prominent air intakes on the bumper. It also has smooth shaped fenders, a long hood, short deck design, eye-catching taillights, twin exhausts and a rear diffuser.

Powering the new Supra will reportedly be a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six sourced from BMW. It will supposedly generate between 300 - 350 PS and will be connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The all-new Toyota Supra will most likely make its official debut near the end of 2018.

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