The Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), the country's first and pioneering auto club, attests to the fuel-efficiency of Toyota's small passenger cars, the Vios and Altis. After an independent test conducted by AAP's accredited partner, Roadwise Motoring Foundation (RMF), the Vios 1.3 J and the Altis 1.6 G registered an average of 23.10 and 19.27 kilometers per liter respectively in a 1,020-kilometer run, at an average speed of 58.21kph under safe and normal driving conditions.

The Roadwise Motoring Foundation Team, headed by Mike Reyes with Art Guevarra, Bebot Reyes, Albert Narciso, Udy Enriques and Danny Santiago, tested three different variants each of the Vios and Altis covering an estimated distance of 1,020 kilometers for a two-day run. All six vehicles were driven from Balintawak, NLEX, SCTEX, Alaminos, Pangasinan, then back to Subic on the first day, with the same route back to Manila on the second day. The total run was divided into six legs under various road conditions such as City, Highway, and town-proper, including uphill and down hill slopes.

"There are three main objectives for this Fuel Economy Run," Daniel Isla, First Vice President for Marketing said, "First is to gauge the fuel-efficiency of the Vios and the Altis. Second, is it measure the consumption under safe and normal driving conditions. And third, is to teach the public about proper driving habits and vehicle maintenance to get better mileage from their vehicles. Toyota doesn't want to deceive its customers by giving fuel mileage records that doesn't employ normal driving conditions. We want to show that we can provide them with fuel-efficient products, but the rest is up to them. With the continued increase in prices of oil, the motoring public should start learning how to drive fuel-efficiently."

Strictly following these objectives, AAP ensured that RMF set the right conditions by following speed limits of 80 to 100 kph in highways, or 40 60kph in school zones or populated areas, at a maximum of 2,000 rpm. The air condition is set at one with medium temperature, and tire pressure follows standard 30 psi. With regulated and planned acceleration, minimal breaking follows. But safety comes first, and neutral driving is strictly prohibited.

After the run, the Vios 1.3 J manual transmission got the best mileage at 23.10 km/l, followed by the 1.5 G XX Limited Edition manual transmission at 21.57 km/l, and 1.5 G automatic at 20.13 km/l. The Altis 1.6 G manual registered 19.27 km/l, while the 1.6 and 1.8 V automatic got 17.83 and 17.70 km/l respectively.

The Vios and the Altis are both powered by the Toyota Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i) engine. VVT-i maximizes fuel economy by regulating air intake depending on the driving situation. This results in maximum power, minimal fuel waste and increased torque across the entire rev range. With the VVT-i engine installed in all gasoline models of Toyota, motorists will get the promise of true fuel-efficiency as seen in the performance of the Vios and Altis.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation is committed to educating the motoring public about being a fuel-efficient driver-practicing proper driving habits and vehicle maintenance-under safe and normal driving conditions.