Planning to speed or break a couple of traffic rules in Austria come October? Better be on the lookout for this Porsche 911 Carrera then as it's not any other regular 911. What makes it different? It's driven by the Austrian police, and will be using it to keep an eye out for traffic offenders and the likes.

The 911 is set to be delivered to the Austrian police beginning October. Like any other Austrian police vehicle, the 911 will have the flashing lights and a radio equipped as standard. It will also take on a dark blue, red, and silver livery of the Austrian Polizei. Apart from the lights and radio, everything else on the 911 is left bone-stock.

"Our partnership with the police force has a long tradition. In the 1960s and 70s, it was not unusual to see a Porsche police or gendarmerie vehicle with a flashing blue light. And in 2006, the Federal Ministry of the Interior received a Porsche 911 to use for motorway policing," said Dr. Helmut Eggert, Director of Porsche in Austria.

Apart from being able to chase down traffic offenders with ease, the Austrian Polizei also want to demonstrate responsible driving in the country. 

"In 2016, 427 people died in traffic accidents on Austrian roads. With the new Porsche 911, we want to demonstrate that you can drive responsibly and carefully even in a powerful sports car," Konrad Kogler, General Director for Public Security.