Back in July of last year, BMW announced that they will be making electric-powered versions of their current cars. One of the models mentioned that will get that treatment was the X3. Now, BMW is just about ready to unveil it.

Dubbed the iX3, it is set to make its debut at the Beijing Motor Show which kicks off tomorrow. Before its premiere, BMW has released a teaser of the electrified crossover, but the grille seems to have struck us a little differently because it looks like something from another carmaker.

BMW seems to have borrowed a Kia grille for iX3 concept

In the preview video, BMW showed the standard X3 grill, which then transitioned into what could be the iX3's grill. Interestingly, BMW ditched the signature kidney grill for what looks like Kia's Tiger Nose grill. That aside, it does retain the outer edges from its internal combustion-powered sibling. With this new look, it looks like BMW will be applying this grill to their future electric vehicles.

As for the car itself, test mules have been spotted using the current X3's body. It is possible that the production version of the iX3 will not only have the new grill but also other styling touches that will separate it from the standard X3.

With crossovers being hot sellers these days and as the drive towards electrification pushes forward, BMW might be on to something here. With that in mind, Jaguar was the first to bring a mass-market electric crossover with the I-Pace, albeit a competitor in the smaller crossover sector. Once it reaches production, the iX3 is set to go head to head with the Mercedes-Benz EQC, a GLC-based electric crossover set to debut before the decade's end.