The world's first humanoid robot, ASIMO, will be in the country on August 9-12 to host Honda exhibit at the 1st Philippine Motorshow at the World Trade Center. ASIMO which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility is created by Honda to showcase its technological advancement.

While most robots move by either multiple legs or wheels and rollers, ASIMO is the first robot to actually walk on two legs. Honda engineers successfully developed a technology that mimics human walking. The technology anticipates the shift in human body before a step is actually taken. This enables ASIMO to predict the position of its next step, thereby preventing it from falling down.

Watch ASIMO play kickball, walk up and down the stairs and perform different antics at the motorshow. ASIMO, the pinnacle of Honda's innovative technologies, is designed to operate freely in human living space. It has the ability to recognize up to 10 pre-registered faces and interpret movement and positioning, enabling it to return a handshake or respond to a wave by waving back.

Highlighting Honda's display is the Civic Hybrid. The Civic Hybrid powertrain provides fuel efficiency and excellent emission level in one package, without sacrificing driving performance. It utilizes Honda's state-of-the-art Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology which uses two power sources: gasoline and electricity. The highly efficient gasoline engine combines the characteristics of 3-stage i-VTEC and i-DSi as its primary source of power and is supplemented by an electric motor for added power.

Not to be missed out on are your favorite Honda vehicles namely: City, Civic, CR-V, Jazz, Accord, and Pilot. Fill up your senses as you check out the latest features and technologies on Honda vehicles.

"Honda is dedicated to produce mobility products with the highest environmental performance," says Mr. Arnel Doria, HCPI's Vice President for Marketing and Sales. He added, "In doing so, Honda is in continuous development and pursuit of advanced technologies that improve fuel efficiency, reduce emission and provide alternative energy sources."

The 1st International Motorshow is organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the the Philippines (CAMPI). Having 'Shifting to Higher Gear' as this year's theme, the motorshow provides an effective venue to bring together global brand auto manufacturers, assemblers, auto suppliers, and related industries to showcase the latest in the industry.