The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Pushes out 840 horsepower, comes equipped with street-legal drag tires from the factory, and a quarter mile time of 9.65 seconds. Given the capabilities of the car, it comes to no surprise that Fiat-Chrysler has required every Demon buyer to sign a legal document before taking delivery of their street-legal drag car.

According to a copy of the document obtained by Allpar, it mentions what owners can and cannot do with their new Demon. The document is also filled with legal disclaimers that are aimed to protect FCA from lawsuits in case a Demon driver becomes reckless and uses the 'track-use' feature on public roads.

Dodge requires Demon owners to sign waiver before delivery

Going through the document, it starts out with a reminder that the Demon is a purpose built drag car for the track. It then asks owners to read the manual to understand the Demon's unique feature and how to make it handle properly. It also mentions never to put passengers where seats have been deleted.

Overall, it looks like any other legally binding document. However, there were a few bits that stood out. Mainly, there are four lines that were specifically dedicated to the Nitto NT05R drag radials. It starts off mentioning that the tires are “not intended for highway use, as the expected miles of wear from the racing compound is greatly reduced.”

Dodge requires Demon owners to sign waiver before delivery

Afterwards, the document mentions that the tires not recommended for use during rain, where there's a chance of hydroplaning. Lastly it mentions that “Customer shall not move the Vehicle in temperatures below 15° F with the Drag Tires. In temperatures below 15° F, the Drag Tires can lose flexibility and that may lead to cracking and other tire damage.”

There is no document stopping owners from swapping out the drag tires. Meaning, owners can opt to swap out to more streetable or winter tires so their Demon can traverse over rain or cold weather safely.