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First Aston Martin Vantage AMR model to enter production


Vantage AMR limited to 300 units, 100 V12 and 200 V8 models

After the launch of their new sub-brand AMR, Aston Martin recently unveiled the first model to under-go production under AMR – the Vantage. The Vantage name is said to be synonymous with extreme Aston Martin models since the 1950's. Hence, it was deemed to be the first to undergo production of AMR.  

Going back to the Vantage AMR, the car will be offered in both V12 and V8 variants. will also be globally limited to 300 units split between 100 V12 models and 200 V8 models. The V8 model produces 436 PS while the V12 produces 603 PS, 30 PS up from the standard V12 Vantage. Both can be specified with either a manual or paddle shift gear box.  


Five color schemes are also available on the Vantage AMR, each having their own matching livery. Stratus White with an Orange graphic; Ultramarine Black with Blue graphic; Zaffre Blue with Red graphic; and Scintilla Silver with Grey graphic. There is also the Stirling Green with fluorescent lime color scheme available as the 'Halo Pack' option. Available also is the AMR aero kit which adds a spoiler, splitters and canards for those who opt to have a more aggressive and personalized look.

The AMR brand will have two tiers, 'series production limited-edition models' where the Vantage AMR will sit, and the more 'extremely modified AMR Pro models' created by Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations. The latter will feature models such as the Vantage AMR Pro which was first introduced at Geneva during the brand's launch.  

Both V8 and V12 Vantage AMR models will be available in coupe and roadster body styles. Meanwhile, deliveries are scheduled to commence in Q4 2017.  

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