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FR Legends is your next means of killing time


An app with all that makes drifting fun for everyone

Mobile games are always an easy way to kill time. Whether it’s a shooter, a platforming game, or some type of RPG, these games are easily accessible at literally the touch of your fingertips. And while quality mobile games in general are a dime a dozen (not even, they’re mostly free), racing games on mobile don’t seem to have as much a widespread appeal. Perhaps the mechanics of racing games just don’t translate too well to a phone, or maybe developers have just yet to get the right formula. Whether it’s one or the other, there are a few games that stand out with something new to bring to the table. One of such being this new drifting game that recently released: FR Legends.

Currently available on iOS and to be released later this month for Android, FR Legends simulates everything there is to replicate in a proper drifting game. Easy-to-grasp physics, basic controls, and all the correct criteria sum up to become a game that is easy to learn and doesn’t feel as repetitive – a unique feat for a game that’s still bare-bones in content for now.


Race modes in-game are limited for now. Tutorials and practicing ought to help with getting a grasp of the overall mechanics, while running solo will net you some much needed cash for repairs and tires (yes, tires are consumable and parts break). Once you’ve gotten to grips with everything, Battle mode allows for a lead-chase switching drift tandem format that we’ve become accustomed to much like in professional drifting. Points are earned for getting close to walls, maintaining the perfect line, and for carrying as much speed and proximity to the lead car throughout the course. For beginners, several open-lot courses can be selected to sharpen your skills. As you gain cash and work your way up, courses modeled after Ebisu’s Minami Circuit (complete with its infamous wall) as well as Irwindale Speedway can be unlocked to truly test your limits.

The true gem of this game however lies in its extensive customization menu. Personalizing your vehicle can be a time-consuming affair in itself with the variety of parts that can be installed. Famous aero bits from BN Sports or Rocket Bunny can be fitted along with a host of wheels in various sizes and customizable offsets and alignment. FR Legends puts so much effort into getting the details right that the avid car enthusiast can mix and match pieces as he or she likes – and get the fitment down to the tee. Do take note though that more expensive aero pieces will yield more expensive repairs – so you better get good before sporting them in battles.

Considering the game is in its infancy, vehicle choices are very limited with only 5 cars available (S13 Silvia, AE86, Toyota 86, IS200/Altezza, and a BMW E30). If the race mode menu is anything to go by, it appears a multiplayer function as well as Touge Battle modes will soon make their way into the app.

All told, FR Legends makes for good entertainment – probably much to the dismay of your boss at work. Now when are they coming out with an RX-7? I’ve banked enough cash to spend already!

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