Italdesign Giugiaro is celebrating its 45 years of business at Geneva by presenting its Parcour, a type of GT car that's based on the original concept of a sport utility vehicle and is designed for extensive use on all types of terrain.

Parcour is a two-seater car with four-wheel drive, fitted with a 550 HP Lamborghini V10 5.2‐liter mid rear engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. It sits on 22-inch rims for higher ground clearance of 210 to 330mm(depending on the setting).

With a control device fitted in the dashboard, the driver can in fact literally adapt the car to its surroundings, with four different settings(comfort, off-road, winter, high-­speed) to choose from. The electronic system is triggered to modify the ride, ground height, and the engine setup.

Weight is kept to a minimum by using aluminum and carbon fiber materials like its butterfly type doors that's made entirely out of carbon fiber with external side and rear view mirrors replaced by cameras. All the controls are grouped together on the steering wheel and on the dashboard.

LC 200 rear

The Parcour has a total of 8 coilovers installed, when driving on track or on street, only 4 coilovers are actually working so the car behaves like a standard double whishbone GT vehicle while in offroad conditions all of the 8 shocks start working together, drastically reducing the suspension stiffness. This enables the Parcour to absorb heavy bumps and road roughness.

The concept's reference for this car is the sporting discipline 'Parkour' which became famous across the world due to its appearance in different media such as video games and movies.

"Parkour was devised as a new way of living and experiencing a metropolitan route creatively", states Fabrizio Giugiaro, "Parkour enthusiasts, who are referred to as traceurs or plotters, adapt their body to the surrounding environment pursuing, through their movements, not just spectacle but instead mainly maximum efficiency. The purpose of parkour is to move around as efficiently as possible. By efficiently I mean: simply, quickly and safely, which are characteristic features of our car."