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Geneva 2018: RUF brings performance, nostalgia with the revived SCR


Classic Porsche lines meet present-day tech in RUF’s latest creation

You may remember RUF bringing back their infamous CTR Yellowbird at last year’s Geneva show. While its body was made to look like the original CTR Yellowbird, the vehicle itself shared nothing with Porsche when it came to its body as it ran a full carbon monococque shell.

With it being a bespoke, limited-run offering for those with deep nostalgia and equally deep pockets, RUF now replicates the same recipe with another one of their vehicles. This year, they’ve brought the RUF SCR back to life all in its green glory and classic lines.


With the original SCR being unveiled back in 1978, this 2018 version is obviously drawn from the original with its classic Porsche bodylines. Unlike the 2016 version which used a 993 as a body-in-white, the current SCR now runs the carbon monococque from the CTR.

Weighing at a spritely 1250 kg , the naturally-aspirated flat-six generates 517 PS to propel the SCR to a top speed of 320 km/h.

Just like the CTR that came before it, expect the new RUF SCR to only come in limited numbers – and six-figure digits.

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