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Germany to say goodbye to Mitsubishi Pajero, will get Montero Sport instead


Mitsubishi Pajero bows out of Germany, Montero Sport to enter Euro market

This Mitsubishi Pajero (BK) is about to get its last version in Germany.

Known as the Shogun in UK, Montero in Spanish speaking markets, Mitsubishi Motors Germany has announced that they will be discontinuing the sale of the large SUV. But before it goes, they have rolled out a limited-run model to cap off over 30 years of sales in the country. Dubbed the Final Edition, there will only be 1,000 of these SUVs made and it will be offered in both three-door and five-door configurations.


Both Final Edition body types get their own styling touches. For the three-door, it comes with a set of unique eight-hole wheels which are sized at 18-inches. These are then wrapped around in off-road oriented tires. Further beefing up the three-door Final Edition is a nudge bar finished in matte black and is fitted with a real skid plate. In addition, it also comes with a locking rear differential, plus heated seats and automatic emergency braking.

As for the five-door, the wheels are upsized to 20-inch rims with a multi-spoke design and shod in low-profile tires. The name Pajero is then prominently displayed on the edge of the hood. Its grill is finished in matte silver, as are the step boards. Inside, there's an upgraded infotainment system, power seats and black leather trimming. Like the three-door, it too comes with skid plates.

Both body styles are powered by the revised 3.2-liter Di-D turbodiesel with Variable Geometry Turbo. It makes 192 PS with a torque figure of 441 Nm. Both models come standard with four-wheel drive and shift via a five-speed automatic transmission with INVECS-II manual mode.

The current BK-chassis Pajero/Shogun has been in the market globally since 2007, Mitsubishi Motors president and CEO Osamu Masuko revealed in late 2015 that the company has suspended development of a successor due to lack of resources. However, things may soon change and usher in a return of the legendary Pajero nameplate with Nissan's purchase of Mitsubishi Motors in late 2016, which gives them access to new platforms and resources for R&D.

With the BK-chassis Pajero/Shogun being retired in Germany (and the rest of Europe, eventually), Mitsubishi Motors Europe has announced that they will be bringing in the Montero Sport over to the continent, for the time being. Over there, they will be calling it the Shogun Sport and while it won't be a direct successor to the Pajero/Shogun, it will become the largest SUV Mitsubishi will be offering in Europe.

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