The Retread Multi-Piece Cushion technology , a Goodyear innovation designed to extend the life of truck tire retread cushions, while improving quality and performance, has been named “Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year” by Tire Technology International, an independent, international jury of tire professionals, engineers, and academic scholars.

“Goodyear is focused on delivering market-driven innovation to our customers and consumers around the world,” said Jean-Claude Kihn, chief technical officer for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. “We are honored to once again be recognized by Tire Technology International for the innovative Multi-Piece Cushion technology, which will be highly valued by our customers.”

The only product of its kind in the tire industry, Goodyear’s Multi-Piece Cushion contains three distinct layers, according to Jay Hofner, general manager, retread for Goodyear’s North American Tire business.

“One of these layers is a barrier extending the product’s shelf life,” said Hofner. “This is a big advantage for Goodyear Authorized Retreaders.”

The Multi-Piece Cushion’s other layers, he noted, consist of carefully selected ingredients that, when mixed together, complete the curing package. Multi-Piece Cushion is heat-resistant, eliminating the need for refrigeration, another advantage for Goodyear Authorized Retreaders.

“And its round shape is unique, making it more user-friendly,” noted Hofner. “Traditional truck tire cushion gum is flat, with edges and corners that can stick to other layers of cushion gum.”