Last January 20, we published the personal letter of Mr. Rey R. Andres regarding the problem with his Santa Fe that has since been repaired. Below is the letter from HARI:

This is in reaction to the letter of Mr. Rey Andres, a Hyundai customer from Santiago, Isabela, which was posted in last 20 January 2014.

We would like to inform your good publication that the water leak issue raised by Mr. Andres in November 2012 was thoroughly evaluated and addressed by HARI and Hyundai Santiago, our authorized dealership in Santiago City, as soon as the said problem was brought to our attention.

Our company extended all necessary assistance since Mr. Andres, and definitely all Hyundai clients, are very important customers.

We are extending our apologies to Mr. Andres for any inconvenience and hurt feelings that said leak may have caused him and his family. Indeed, we too were initially perplexed but never stopped until the problem was solved.

As a customer-oriented company, Hyundai takes pride in its mission to provide quality and timely service to its clients. During the time that Hyundai personnel were trying to resolve the water leak of Mr. Andres’ Santa Fe, we pulled all stops to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In fact, said case was fully resolved and was considered closed as early as March 2013. This was after the water leak issue and carpet replacement was done to Mr. Andres’ satisfaction, as relayed by Hyundai Santiago to Hyundai’s Customer Care.

We appreciate Mr.Andres’ passion and love for his car. Rest assured that we would continue to provide him and all our loyal customers only the best care and after-sales service for their Hyundai vehicles.

We hope this letter would merit equal space in your online publication.

Thank you very much.

Paeng R. Batuigas

Assistant Vice President

Brand Activation Department

Corporate Planning and Communications Division

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.