For a limited time, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is offering free-of-charge labor and substantial discounts on maintenance parts of the Isuzu N-Series truck with the aim to maximize its efficiency.

Included in the Isuzu N-series Awesome Spare Parts Bundles promos are several maintenance parts combined into special packages making it affordable to both individual and corporate Isuzu N-Series owners.

The Isuzu NHR maintenance parts packages get a discount of up to 76.7-percent while the NKR series has up to 65.6-percent discount. Next, the NPS series gets up to 67.3 percent discount while the NPR and NQR series maintenance parts packages offer as much as 72.5 percent discount.

Apart from the hefty price reductions, installation of clutch, brakes, oil seal, and journal packages shall be free-of-charge when performed at an authorized Isuzu dealership, branch or satellite office.

Fleet customers who decide to have any of these services performed at their own facility can still avail the prome when performed by an authorized Isuzu dealer personnel.

“In this time of unprecedented economic growth in the Philippines, where the delivery of products and services across cities and the country is more important than ever, Isuzu Philippines is doing its small part in helping businesses that rely on Isuzu products continue with their operations unhampered by unnecessary difficulties. This is why Isuzu Philippines has chosen to be proactive by reducing the costs that come with maintaining Isuzu N-Series trucks,” said Hajime Koso, IPC President.

All the parts included in the maintenance packages, which include PMS filter, clutch, brakes, oil seal and journal, are either Isuzu Genuine Parts or Isuzu Best Value Parts, both guaranteed by Isuzu to be of high quality.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of using genuine parts and performing proper services on Isuzu vehicles. Adapting these practices goes a long way in ensuring that one’s investment in the Isuzu brand is duly rewarded,” said Koso.

The Isuzu N-Series Awesome Spare Parts Bundles can be availed until October 31, 2016 at any authorized Isuzu dealership, branch or satellite office.