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Liberty Walk adds girth to Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ


Nagoya-based bodyshop adds signature touch to the Toyobaru twins

With the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ out in the market for about 6 years now, it’s safe to say that the aftermarket has received the prized rear-wheel coupe with much fervor with all the available parts. Of course, chief among these are widebody conversions that transform the look of the modest Toyobaru into a more menacing aesthetic. While we’ve become familiar with names like ‘Rocket Bunny’, ‘Pandem’, and ‘Liberty Walk’ when talking about these conversions, the latter has surprisingly yet to touch the 86 – until now.

The Nagoya-based outfit, while mostly catering to high-end exotica for their signature conversions, have recently released a rendering of their take on Toyota and Subaru’s humble coupe. From the looks of it, clients can opt to retain their factory front bumpers and still mix it with the wide works-style fenders. An aggressive splitter gives the front a wider profile and brings the front end closer to the ground. Whereas Rocket Bunny and their new Pandem line of widebody kits explore aggressive curves, vents, and angles, Liberty Walk is keen to apply their old-school rounded fender style that’s reminiscent of those from race-prepped retro models. That said, the LB Works fenders distinguish themselves by being exaggerated and rounded as compared to recent offerings.


To further add to the striking fenders, clients can choose between a swan-neck GT Wing or a relatively subtle duck tail wing for the trunk. An optional roof spoiler can also be added to further round up the rear end. The front bumper will also supposedly have an optional version, but neither photos nor renderings have yet to surface for that piece. As is expected with aggressive conversions such as this, the LB Works 86/BRZ kit comes at a hefty sum. With the standard kit starting at JPY 448,200 (PHP 217,564), prices can only go upward as more parts are to be added.

So, do you think Liberty Walk is too late for the 86 party or have they made a kit that further injects more interest in the model?



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