In order to strengthen their efforts to stop the operation of colorum public utility vehicles (PUVs), the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulation Board (LTFRB) has reached out to commuters for help.

The Board has released information about how to spot colorum PUVs and are asking Filipinos to call the LTFRB 24/7 hotline ‘1342’ if they see colorum units operating in the area.

One surefire way to tell if a unit is colorum – whether it is a UV Express, taxi or public utility bus - according to LTFRB Board member Atty. Ariel Inton is if it looks ‘old and dilapidated.’

These colorum PUVs will also not have the LTFRB-required markings and case numbers; colorum taxis will not have a top light, taxi meter and trade name while colorum PUBs will not have a posted route.

Heavy tint is also a clear sign that the PUV is colorum since the LTFRB has explicitly banned all PUVs from using tint in any form.

Also, if the vehicle is sporting a green plate, it is surely a colorum unit since all PUVs use a yellow plate.

If any of these exterior signs aren’t obvious, PUV driver attire is another indication. PUV drivers are required to be in proper uniform, hence if the driver is dressed casually, the unit they’re driving is a colorum.

“These are some of the signs that a PUV is colorum. We encourage the public to help the LTFRB in its anti-colorum driver. We hope that these tips help keep our passengers safe. If a passenger spots a colorum vehicle, immediately report it to the LTFRB,” said Inton.

Should any PUV be spotted with any of these signs, motorists and commuters are requested to call the LTFRB hotline at ‘1342’ or Viber at 0917-550-1342 for Globe and TM subscribers or 0998-550-1342 for Smart, Talk ‘n Text and Sun users.