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Mercedes-Benz Pickup Concept designed by Filipino


Wini Camacho behind exterior design of Mercedes-Benz Pickup

Mercedes-Benz's Pickup is arguably one of the most talked about debuts that will happen in the next couple of days; this comes after the German automaker dropped the gauntlet announcing that it will debut as a "concept" in Sweden on October 25.

Thanks to an ongoing partnership between Daimler and the Renault-Nissan Alliance, we know for certain that it will be based on the current-generation Nissan Navara NP300. To back this up, our spies have also spotted a camouflaged mule doing actual road testing. Despite all these however, we still don't know what it's going to be called apart from assumptions online pointing to GLT as the likely name.


Out of curiosity, we did a trivial search on what our compatriot Wini Camacho in Mercedes-Benz was up to. Above is one of his sketches for Mercedes-Benz of the W212 E-Class, one his last works at MB Design Germany before being assigned to his current role as Design Manager at the German automaker's China studio where they worked on the Vision G-Code Sports Utility Coupe Concept.

It turns out then that filipino MB designer Winifredo 'Wini' Camacho, currently Design Manager at Mercedes-Benz Advanced Center of China, did confirm that he is the designer of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Pickup Concept via a comment on his Facebook account. He also clarified in a later comment that he only worked on the exterior design.

Wini is certainly a very talented designer based on his work on the W212 as well as the Vision G-Code Concept. That said, we'll definitely be looking forward to what the actual Pickup truck will look like.

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