Mitsubishi announced on 3 March in Japan that the Lancer Evolution IX high-performance 4WD sports saloon has now gone on sale on their domestic market. The latest 'Evo' is the twelfth model in the series since the car was originally launched in 1992.

Major features distinguishing the latest model include the adoption of Mitsubishi's MIVEC variable valve timing technology. Improvements to the turbocharger result in higher torque, 400-407 lb ft at 3,000rpm, and produces better response for improved engine performance across the full rev range.

New front and rear bumpers provide better aerodynamics and cooling performance. The latest rendition of the Lancer Evolution will be released in three trim levels.

The flagship GSR features an active center differential, ACD, active yaw control, AYC, a sports ABS electronically controlled all-wheel control and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The motor sport-specification RS uses a special lightweight body, a new titanium-magnesium turbocharger, 5-speed gearbox and ACD, mechanical rear limited slip differential all-wheel control.

New for the Evolution IX range is a GT variant that brings together the RS versions turbocharger and drivetrain specification with the GSR's comfort-biased bodyshell and higher interior specification with its enhanced sound deadening.