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New York 2017: Meet the FJ-insipired Toyota FT-4X Concept


Will the FT-4X Concept be the 'baby' FJ Cruiser?

When Toyota first teased the FT-4X, it seemed like it was going to be the replacement for the outgoing FJ Cruiser. Now that it has been fully revealed however, the FT-4X is a lot smaller than it appears to be. In fact, it is even shorter than the CH-R, meaning this FT-4X will be a crossover. It also rides on the same Toyota New Global Architecture as the CH-R except for it being shorter but taller and wider.


On the outside, it does seem to take some influence from the FJ Cruiser such as the bulky wheel arches and striking orange color. Meanwhile, the white A-pillar and roof is matched to a white wraparound front mask. It being a concept, the FT-4X does feature angular headlights, a removable vertical glass “picture window” in the C-pillar and a GoPro camera integrated into the driver door mirror.


Towards the rear features the more interesting feature of the vehicle, a split “multi-hatch” tailgate capable of opening in two different ways. In Urban mode, the tailgate opens outwards, meanwhile in Outdoor mode, the hatch opens upwards, like a traditional hatch. A circular knob makes switching between the two modes, and opening the hatch easier.

Inside, the orange theme exterior continues on from the dashboard to the sidings. The dashboard uses a minimalist design with large stowage spaces. Instrumentation is digital and has a smartphone dock above the main display which provides navigation. The door handles also double as water bottles, and a North Face sleeping bag doubles as a center console. 

The cabin is then divided into three zones, Clear (front), Wet (middle) and Cargo (rear) zones. No carpeting is found throughout the cabin, allowing it to be hosed cleaned. With Toyota filing for a trademark late last year, it is possible that the FT-4X might make it to production. 

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