Petron Corporation has announced that its Euro 4 Tri-Activ fuels are now available nationwide in 2,200 service stations.

According to Petron, Tri-Activ fuels have advanced additives that are formulated to meet Philippine driving conditions and cater to the needs of Filipino motorists.

Petron claims that its Euro 4 Tri-Activ delivers the following performance benefits: (1) better engine protection for longer engine life; (2) better mileage for longer drives; and (3) better power.

Petron Euro 4 Tri-Activ fuels

Petron’s full line up of Euro 4 Tri-Activ fuels include Blaze (100 RON), XCS (95 RON), Xtra Advance (93 RON), Super Gasoline (91 RON), Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max.

Petron invested USD 2,000,000,000 (around PhP 95.8B) to upgrade its Bataan Refinery and ensure the reliable production of more environment-friendly and premium fuels. It also operates a fuel additives blending plant in Subic Bay, in partnership with leading global fuel specialties company Innospec. With these capabilities, Petron is able to produce six Euro 4 fuel variants.

As a review, Petron became the first oil company to locally produce a full line-up of gasoline products that meet Euro 4 standards, six months ahead of the government's mandate to make all available fuel meet Euro 4 standards by January 2016. In addition, Petron introduced Euro 4 standard diesel last October 2015.