The latest from the Italian coach builder shows us a teaser of its new luxury electric vehicle concept. Dubbed as the H600, it was commissioned by the Hong Kong company Hybrid Kinetic Group.

HKG will be unveiling its first concept EV at the Geneva Auto Show. The Hong Kong based company focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of new energy vehicles along with its key components.

Hybrid Kinetic Group nor Pininfarina has yet to release details regarding the project. The lone teaser photo shows the rear of a silver luxury sedan with a slim tail light design and the logo of Hybrid Kinetic Group. It says that the concept will have “electric propulsion”, and that it will be “both elegant and comfortable.”

Prior to this preview, Pininfarina displayed another luxury EV during last year's Geneva Motor Show. Expect this new EV luxury sedan to follow in the footsteps of the concept model. Pininfarina will not be the only coach builder present at Geneva however, as Italdesign and Giugiaro will have their own concept and supercar to display respectively.

Expect more details to follow as the Geneva Auto Show draws nearer. For now, Pininfarina teases only the rear end of its electric luxury sedan.