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Retro-modern 40-series Land Cruiser Signature Edition debuts at SEMA


The FJ Company combines classic looks and modern tech in new FJ Signature Edition

Want the ruggedness and styling of the revered Toyota FJ40 Cruiser but want modern amenities and a more powerful powertrain? Look no further than the FJ Signature Edition made by The FJ Company. Based in Miami, Florida, the company specializes in restoring the classic 4x4 in its truest form, or making a more modern interpretation of it by giving it new tech.

On the outside, the FJ Signature's body and chassis looks authentic. That's because it is as the company claimed that they did a full-frame and body restoration on a 1981 FJ43 Land Cruiser for the Signature Edition. The body is then matte painted in an era-correct Dune Beige which further adds to the 4x4's rugged profile.


Apart from that, the Signature Edition also comes with in-house made accessories like the fuel cap cover and CNC-machined aluminum side mirrors painted in Gunmetal Gray. Fitted at the front is a Warn 8274 power winch that is mounted on a 40-series bumper. Topping it all off are a set of LED headlights courtesy of Baja Designs.

Inside, the Signature Edition gets more retro-modern touches. The door handles, window winders, pedals, transmission and 4x4 shifters, and pull knobs are painted in Gunmetal Gray which provides contrast against the exposed metal dashboard. It also comes with leather-wrapped Recaro Sportster CS front seats and traditional side-facing bench seats that are also draped in leather.

The canvas sunroof can be rolled back for an open air driving experience, while a VintageAir climate control system can deliver warm or cold air into the cabin. In front of that is a customized iPad that controls the onboard audio system dubbed the 'Signature Sound System'. Finally, replacing the traditional analog gauges are new digital gauges.

Under the hood is not a 2F inline-six engine. Instead, The FJ Company installed a 4.0-liter 1GR-FE V6. It produces a modest 240 PS and is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. More than that, it has a programmable fuel injection system from Haltech and four-wheel disc brakes lifted from a 2017 Toyota 4Runner.

The suspension system is all-modern as well with the leaf springs sourced from Old Man Emu. It has high-performance shock absorbers from FOX and custom full-float axles that replace the OEMs.

Only 24 examples of the FJ Signature Editon will be built and all are priced at around $200,000

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