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Rugged luxury: Mercedes X-Class gets the Maybach treatment


Carlex design adds posh to the Mercedes X-Class Yachting Edition

Ever since its introduction, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has been a standout in the pickup category. A bold exterior, a rugged profile, plus class-leading interior gave the X-Class its stature among the competition. Of course, it goes without saying that any truck can still be made better. Enter Carlex Design.

Based in Poland, Carlex Design has made its name for the design and manufacture of automotive, aviation, and marine interiors, equipment, and body kits. This time around, it set its eyes on the X-Class. For this particular build, they have dubbed it the “Yachting Edition”. As can be identified through special badges and lettering on its sides, this iteration of the X-Class is a sight to behold.


On the outside, there is a total of 15 new components added by Carlex onto the body. These pieces along with the special Porcelain White paint and Chocolate Brown accents give a bolder look to the truck. To further up the style, the Carlex X-Class' front grill and wheels were taken from the limited edition S650 Cabriolet. The rear bumper was given a redesign as well, and wider-flared wheel arches, side mirror caps, a rear sports bar, plus a teak-covered bed round up the Yachting Edition's aesthetic upgrades. 

As for the interior, the standard seats were done away with in favor of a pair of Recaro Sportster seats upholstered in leather. To accentuate the exterior touches, the dashboard is adorned with wood, as is the steering wheel which was also reshaped and is partially covered in the same white leather that adorns the cabin. Look up and passengers will see alcantara as the material of choice for the headliner. An embroidered motif overhead and all the way to the rear appointments make use of even more leather. There really isn't much that Carlex Design left untouched in the X-Class. 

Of course, such luxury comes at a price. Pegged around the amount of $122,330.00, which goes up to Php6.5 million converted, this is to be considered to be a “base price” as this will ultimately be dependent on the X-Class variant that buyers wish to purchase before getting the Carlex Treatment.

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