Nissan is set to excite Auto Shanghai 2013 with the global unveiling of their new concept car named Friend-ME, on April 20, 2013. Nissan's latest concept car was designed by Nissan Design China in Beijing for it to be completely relevant to one of the largest automotive markets in the world.

The Nissan Friend-ME concept car will be featuring a unique center console that enables equal information sharing among all four people on board the vehicle under its 'Four seats, one mind connectivity' selling point that's aimed towards younger generation market in China.

Nissan global exhibit space design

The Friend-ME will be showcased alongside existing Nissan models like the GT-R, Murano, and the Teana.

Aside from the Friend-ME, one more highlight from Nissan will be its new global exhibit space design that will soon make its way to motor shows across Asia. The booth is designed to immerse guests completely into a Nissan world in several senses like the usual sight, hearing touch and even smell with Nissan's new green tea-inspired 'Nissan fragrance'.