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Spied: A closer look at the 2018 BMW Z4 Roadster


BMW keeps Z4 name for upcoming roadster

Our spies have been keeping close tabs on the upcoming BMW roadster and they have delivered yet again by providing us photos of the car, both inside and out. BMW also announced that they will be sticking with the Z4 name and have christened it with the chassis code, G29.

Now with less false panels, we are beginning to see the final shape of the car. The 2018 Z4 follows the classic roadster formula with a long, low-slung hood and a short trunk. While a false panel still covers the front, we see sleek, upswept headlights when given a closer look. The final design may still be subject to change as the signature 'Corona rings' are not present.


Also covered is the fender, suggesting that there will be an air outlet, just like the one seen in the new 7 Series and 5 Series. As for the door, there is an upward sweep at the bottom, suggesting a unique design and shape for the said panel. The flared rear quarter panel also gives the all-new Z4 a wider stance on the road. At the rear, we see a high deck trunk lid, along with wraparound tail lights and an integrated diffuser on the bumper.

Inside, it is still mostly covered save for the air-conditioning vents, the i-Drive screen, steering wheel and center console. The cover on the instrument cluster hints at an LCD screen, instead of the traditional dials. Also seen here is a redesigned iDrive scroll wheel and its surrounding buttons, as well as buttons for various drive modes. This photo also confirms the availability of a manual transmission.

Our spies also took a photo of a very important piece of information on the car. On the dashboard, we see the model specs of this particular Z4. On the paper, it says G29 s20i, meaning that this is the entry-level, four-cylinder version. The paper also shows the power output of the 2018 Z4 s20i and it is rated at 197 PS and 320 Nm of torque. Higher powered models will also be available.

The 2018 BMW Z4 shares its platform with the next-generation Toyota Supra. Whereas the Z4 is exclusively a roadster, the upcoming Supra will only come in coupe form. BMW's Turbocharged six-cylinder engine will also be shared with the Supra. With the Z4 being available with a manual transmission, there might just be a possibility that the Toyota might also get one as well.

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