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Spied: BMW 8 Series Coupe, Convertible fitted with M parts


Pair of BMW 8 Series Coupe, Convertible spotted with minimal camouflage

With the reborn 8 Series set to make its debut later this year, it seems as though BMW is completing the final tests on the upcoming grand tourer. Our spies recently spotted a pair of 8 Series Coupe and Convertible prototypes undergoing final road tests with minimal camouflage fitted. This allows us to have a much clearer look as to how the 8 Series' final design would look.

Despite having different body styles, the two prototypes appear to be fitted with larger blue M brakes. This could signify that both models are either fitted with an M Sport package, or would be M-models that will be offered below the M8. Further signifying their sportier theme are the twin-exhaust tips found on each side.

Noticeably, there is relatively less camouflage both models compared to previous spy photos. The front bumper and rear bumpers appear to have barely, if any minimal false panels fitted, showing the vents. In fact, one can even see the vents on the front fenders.


This time, our spies also managed to get an inside peek of the upcoming 8 Series. A digital gauge cluster, similar to the 7 Series have been fitted. The dashboard appears to have a more wraparound, driver oriented design.

Despite both cars being 8 Series prototypes, there are more differences between both models than just their roof. The Convertible is seen sporting a different set of wheels and tire combination compared to the Coupe. There also appears to be a lip spoiler fitted on the 8 Series Coupe, which is lacking on the open-top model. Meanwhile, there is also a more prominent "bulge" on the Convertible's trunk, which is seen fitted with a third brake light. 

Engine wise, it is expected that the reborn 8 Series will be offered with both an inline-six and a V8. It is still uncertain whether the V12 powerplant from the 7 Series will be carried over.

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