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Spied: Ferrari 488 GTB test mule hints at new performance version


488 Speciale or KERS system likely in the cards

When it comes to testing new vehicles or tech, there’s no better way to hide the whole body than to use an older model as a mule. It appears the folks from Maranello subscribe to this train of thought as our spies have recently spotted a 488 GTB mule with camouflage in key places.

Considering that the GTB has only recently been released, it’s safe to say that this new model is at least based off the same car. Is it a 488 Speciale? The rumored Dino successor? Or is it a 488 with some sort of KERS system?


Judging from the covered plate replacing the clear glass that normally boasts the 3.9L V8, it’s safe to say there will be changes in the engine department. This alone makes us lean towards this being a mule to test the KERS system or a high performance version of the 488 at the least.

This particular mule also had changes to the front intakes, with the side intakes looking as if they’re cut open – again both hinting at something more powerful underneath the rear glass. In any case, it looks like Ferrari’s cooking something up, we’ll just have to wait and see what exactly it will be.

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