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Spied: London Cab makers conjure a boxy workhorse


A first look at London Electric Vehicle Company's upcoming commercial vehicle

Last year, the Geely owned London Electric Vehicle Company (LECV) introduced the all-new London Taxi. These new electric taxis replaced the slowly aging fleet of London cabs as well as gave the iconic black cab look a more modern design. Now that the zero-emissions cab has been revealed, it appears that the company is busy testing the next vehicle in their lineup in the form a commercial vehicle.

Supposedly called the LCV, which standands for Light Commercial Vehicle, our spies recently spotted LECV's upcoming electric truck undergoing weather testing in the snow. Immediately, one can see that it will sport a more common boxy design, similar to most commercial vehicles of its size.


Apart from its boxy design, it appears that the vehicle borrows styling cues from the current London Taxi. More specifically, the front fascia appears to have been simply been carried over. Though it is still covered in heavy camouflage, the bumper, grill, and even headlights look the same.

What sets the LCV apart from the London Taxi is it's side and rear profile. Rather than conventional rear doors, there are two sliding door instead. Though the rear is still hidden, it is likely to have a hatch rather than two swing doors.

Underneath, expect the upcoming electric truck to share the same platform and powertrain as the London Cab.

Our spies expect LECV's upcoming commercial vehicle to make it's debut sometime later this year.

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