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Spied: Mean-looking Porsche 911 GT3 caught in the wild


Porsche busy road testing all-new 911 GT3 in the snow

Despite the push for more eco-friendly automobiles and electric-powered vehicles, Porsche is still keen on building high-performance machines that are purpose built to be both quick and agile on the road. Recently spotted by our eagle-eyed spies in the cold of winter is the all-new 911 (992) GT3.

At first glance, it looked like another standard 911 Turbo test mule. But thanks to a different exhaust system, more aerodynamic bodykit, as well as a vastly modified front and rear, our spies were able to distinguish it as the more aggressive GT3.


Beginning with its front fascia, the prototype GT3 sports a different bumper and gets additional air intakes and cooling ducts than the 911 Turbo. Another telltale sign that this is in fact the GT3 are the huge carbon ceramic disc brakes and the center locking wheels. Past GT2 and GT3 models only come with these type of wheels.

But perhaps the most obvious change seen on the 992 GT3 is at the rear. Beside the huge wing and eye-catching taillights, the GT3 prototype also features large dual exhaust pipes and the rear diffuser. Compared to the Turbo, the GT3 gets a more aggressive finish and design.

While the changes may be subtle, expect the GT3 to come with more modifications soon as testing continues. It is expected that the all-new GT3 will make its official debut some time in 2020 so it's not surprising to see Porsche conducting tests as early as now.

As for its powerplant, we might see the new high-performance GT3 to come with a turbocharged flat-six. Why? With all standard 911s now equipped with a turbocharged engine, it's highly likely that the GT3 may also benefit from forced induction. In addition, the 991.2 GT3 is said to be the last naturally-aspirated model. Having said that, expect the new 992 GT3 to produce well over 520 PS and more than 500 Nm of torque.

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