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Spied: Porsche busy developing 2018 911 Convertible


Soft-top Porsche 911 992 convertible prototype may get evolutionary design

The next-gen Porsche 911 (codenamed 992) has already been spotted several times being tested in Europe. In fact, one of our latest string of photos involved what appeared to be a test mule for the new-generation Turbo version.

Now, our spies were able to take pictures of the 992 911 once again, only this time it was the convertible variant that was spotted. Like the standard hardtop, it gets the familiar front fascia that has an evolutionary design. The hood lines, on the other hand, have been squared off as well which makes it look like the iconic 964 at the front.


Also curious to see on the upcoming 992 convertible is the slightly tweaked front bumper and the wider track. This could mean that the next-gen sports car will be much wider than the outgoing 991.

As the 992 Convertible will be a soft top, the two-door droptop is fitted with smaller rear quarter windows. Like previous examples of the 911 Convertible, it is highly likely that it will come with a power folding fabric roof.

The rear section, on the other hand, heavily resembles the all-electric Mission E concept that was shown during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It has what appears to be a thin singular taillight that runs the entire width of the car.

One of the 911s sighted by our spies appears to be the Turbo model as it gets a quad exhaust system. Standard models, however, may come with large diameter dual exhaust pipes.

Aside from the coupe and convertible, a Targa model is also expected to arrive in the all-new 992. While all 911s today have turbochared engines, there is a rumor that the Targa body will soon have its own Turbo variant just like in the 1980s.

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