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TAS 2016 Preview: Honda Civic Type-R Mugen set to be revealed


Honda to display customized Mugen, Modulo cars at 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon

The latest Honda Civic Type-R, along with the S660 and HR-V, will get the Mugen treatment after the automaker announced their scheduled debuts at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Starting with the Civic, the exterior gets gun-metal alloy wheels, a new bodykit, and a rear wing. Details about the car's interior are limited, but based on the image, it will have Mugen bucket seats.


There will also be a Modulo Civic Type R that has a more subtle finish. It gets the same white exterior but has a different set of alloy wheels, simpler bodykit and a red-striped front grill. Finishing it all off is a set of red side mirror caps and rear wing.

Continuing with the Mugen theme, the S660 kei car also receives an array of customized exterior components. A more aggressive bodykit, hood, grill, alloy wheels and rear spoiler can be seen on the outside.

There will also be other options for the S660, including body graphics, roof-mounted luggage carrier and even new alloy wheels.

Rounding off the Mugen cars is the HR-V. Sporting a custom red paint, it also has Mugen-specific bodykit, grill and alloy wheels.

There will also be customized Modulo cars, including a Fit (Jazz), N-One, N-Box and a Step WGN.

Honda will also be presenting several concepts like the McLaren-Honda MP430, NSX Concept GT-R and the Concept CB.

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