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Toyota Supra caught with new interior at the 'Ring


Interior details surface as Supra approaches final stages of testing

Seeing the upcoming Toyota Supra lapping around the ‘ring must likely be a regular treat for our spies. Considering that they’ve seen the model making rounds since the FT1 Concept was unveiled, they may have likely seen the model slowly evolve as it approaches production spec.

While the Supra making rounds at the ring has become a regular occurrence, the key difference our spies caught this time is a good glimpse at its new interior.


From the looks of it, the test mule Supra does away with the BMW interior it was sporting this whole time and is now fitted with the correct interior. Judging from the fat spokes of the mostly-covered steering wheel and the center display, we can expect the Supra to have its fair share of infotainment once it comes out.

The instrument display now appears to be digital, with the center stack that likely houses the tachometer in a prominent outline.


While most of the center console is covered apart from key buttons like the hazard button, what we do see inside is the lack of a manual gearbox – instead having a shifter with a ‘P’ button on top. The paddle shifters behind the steering wheel also indicate that the Supra will do away with a manual transmission.

We reported last week that, just like what Nissan did to the GT-R, Toyota intends to have a dual-clutch automatic for the new Supra.

On the exterior, our spies have taken a proper snap of the Supra during braking – meaning we’ve caught a good glimpse of the brake light’s outline beneath all the camouflage. The overall profile of the Toyota Supra begins to follow the Gazoo Racing version that was unveiled recently – albeit in mild production form.


Are you itching to finally see the new Supra in production trim?

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