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Tricked-out Honda minivans revealed ahead of 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon


Honda reveals Modulo X, Active concepts bound for Tokyo Auto Salon

The 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon will not only feature sleek concept cars as Honda recently teased a pair of minivan concepts that will be revealed at the upcoming event. Based off the Freed minivan, both concepts feature a distinct exterior finish that could prelude special edition models of the nameplate.

First up, we have the Modulo X which gives the minivan a sporty look. It gets a pre-dominantly white finish and is only accented by streaks of red which can be seen at the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, side mirror caps and alloy wheels.


The aggressive front fascia gets a modified front grill with a black honeycomb design, along with a blacked-out lower air intake. Meanwhile, the rear gets a roof-mounted spoiler and diffuser which improves aerodynamics.

Next is the Active concept which has an increased ride height and a more purposeful design. Unlike the Modulo X, the Active appears to be the company's take on a high-riding, rugged minivan for the outdoors. Exact details were not specified but the Active does have blacked-out headlights and taillights, a matte-finished exterior, and neon green accents on the front grill, side mirror caps, foglights, front and rear bumpers and alloy wheels.

Apart from that, Honda will also be introducing the Infinite Garu concept which the automaker desrcribed as a small, rounded vehicle. Other details about the concept were left out however. There will also be a more luxurious S660 roadster that will be arriving at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon.

It will apparently be called the S660 Bruno Leather Edition and will feature a more exquisite leather trim for the mini convertible.

The 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon will run from January 13 – 15, 2017 and will take place at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex located in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.

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