As Uber and other online-based transport systems fight for the right to operate in the Philippines, Uber USA is going into overdrive mode by launching an game that introduces the company to prospective driver-partners while also becoming a training tool for current Uber drivers.

The game called UberDRIVE, which is only available from the US Apple iTunes Store, allows you to see firsthand how a day is like for an Uber driver.

Players start off by providing rides to passengers and if you can get from point A to B in the most efficient and safest way, you’ll earn higher points.

UberDRIVE functions like a map that players can interact with by tapping to identify places of interest and various landmarks that making gameplay a learning experience in the process.

Earn high ratings and the player gets to unlock new cars and new areas of the city to explore.

Aside from recruiting drivers and partners through the game, UberDRIVE was also designed to train current drivers by honing their navigational skills and providing them information in order to make them better conversationalists during the commute.

The game also entices players to sign-up as partner-drivers by showing them virtual earnings in the game that they can actually earn as well in the real world by simply driving around.

Banner ads constantly remind players that they can sign-up with Uber right from the game itself making the process as easy as it is exciting.

UberDRIVE is only available in the US for now and only on Apple devices, with content only for San Francisco but hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get gamers to play and use a map of Metro Manila.