Universal Motors Corporation(UMC), the manufacturer and distributor of Nissan's larger models in the Philippines has just dropped the prices of two of their most expensive models: the Nissan Patrol Royale and the Nissan Murano Z51.

The Patrol Royale, which originally was priced at PhP 5,375,000, now costs PhP 4,995,000, which accounts for a PhP 380,000 price drop (7%).

The Murano Z51 experienced a far more significant drop, as the original PhP 3,100,000 price was lowered to PhP 2,398,000, representing a PhP 702,000 reduction (23%).


Both the Patrol Royale and Murano Z51 are covered by the JPEPA, allowing for lower tariffs on Japan-made/imported vehicles with engine displacements of 3.0 liters or larger, though it did take UMC a while to implement it.