It seems Nissan may be eyeing a new market segment by potentially offering an upcoming model from an alliance member with a Nissan-badge. The news was revealed by a senior Nissan executive who said that they are interested in acquiring the yet-to-be-released model to bolster their line up in Asia.

The model Nissan is looking at is the Mitsubishi XM crossover MPV concept, meaning Nissan could be competing in the entry-level multi-purpose vehicle category.

The entry-level MPV is a segment that Nissan has no model in; a class of vehicle that represents strong growth in a fast developing automotive market such as the Philippines. The entry-level MPV class currently has models such as the Toyota Avanza, Honda Mobilio, and Suzuki Ertiga.

Nissan Motor Corporation just recently acquired a majority stake in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation after a fuel economy issue with a model that Mitsubishi was alreadly supplying to Nissan. Nissan's acquisition of the stake means that Mitsubishi is now part of the automotive alliance that includes Nissan and Renault.

Based on the executive's words, Nissan is looking to improve the position of the brand in South East Asia through a synergy with Mitsubishi; the latter has a very strong presence in the region. In the Philippines, Mitsubishi is ranked number 2 in terms of market share and volume.