BMW Motorsport has unveiled the race ready version of its grand tourer, the M6. Called the M6 GT3, it is a stripped out, ready to race model variant available for customer teams by 2016.

The M6 GT3 serves as the successor for the Z4 GT3, currently running in GT and endurance racing in Europe and North America. According to BMW Motorsport, the new GT3 racer boasts a raft of improvements, particularly in the areas of drivability and economy with the latter being vital for endurance races.


Visual changes done to the M6 GT6 includes wider fenders and wheelarches to accommodate racing tires. The bumper gets larger air intakes while the foglight housing accommodate the brake cooling ducts. The hood gets reworked too with a pair heat vents and a small air intake for extra engine cooling.The rear wheelarches houses vents for the rear brakes, a subtle nod to the E9 3.0 CSL race car from the 70's. The rear is finished off with diffusers at the bottom of the bumper and a GT spec rear wing. Like the production M6, the M6 GT3 gets a carbon roof.

BMW M6 GT3 interior

Inside, very little remains from the road-going M6. All interior trims have been stripped out for lightness and in their place is a rollcage, a single carbon fiber racing seat and a bare dashboard. The door cards have also been replaced by carbon fiber panels as well. As a result of the extensive weight reduction techniques, the M6 GT3 weighs less than 1300 kilograms, shedding over 600 kilograms over the road-going M6.

BMW M6 GT3 Engine

Testing for the M6 GT3 began as early as May 2015. The race car was extensively tested in the BMW M Testcenter Nürburgin the Nurburgring.. Unlike its predecessor, the Z4 GT3, the M6 GT3 now features BMW's TwinPower Turbo technology. While the engine block is still based on the standard M6, ECU tuning, internal modifications and reliability modifications have been made to suit the needs of racing teams. BMW has not mentioned specific power outputs for the M6 GT3.

The BMW M6 GT3 is available to customer teams for 379,000 Euros.