JAS Motorsport unveils their new challenger for the 2018 TCR season. As with previous seasons, the team will still be running a Honda Civic Type R, but instead they will be using the 2018 FK8 model. Currently, the team runs the outgoing FK2 Civic Type R, but will be making the switch to the new Type R once the next season begins.

The 2018 Civic Type R already managed to break the Nurburgring front-wheel drive record. Having it homologated for the popular TCR series – and likely eligible for other series as well – would allow it to go even faster. Unlike other touring cars however, TCR vehicles must retains most parts of their production equivalents. Power for TCR cars are also limited to 330 horsepower and 407 Nm of torque.

Manufacturers can also opt to retain the factory manual or paddleshift gearbox, or use a TCR-sanctioned sequential transmission. As per TCR regulations, those who opt to retain the standard gearbox has weight restricted to 1250kg. A 35kg penalty is added to those using the racing gearbox.

Like most homologated race cars, brakes, wheels, tyres and aerodynamics can be changed. The suspension can be upgraded but must retain the production car's layout. Given that the all-new Civic Type R has a new independent suspension all-round, JAS Motorsport is already off to a better start.

The new aerokit and GT wing give the Type R an even more aggressive look than that of the standard road car. A roll cage has been fitted for safety, and a new standalone ECU is used to control the Type R's 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.