There are only a few car (and motorcycle) manufacturers that have motorsport etched in their DNA quite like Honda. And they wanted to make that clear.

In the short 1-minute 42-second video, Honda took us through some of the company's many successes in various categories of racing from two wheels, four wheels, open wheel, and touring cars.

The video showed many of Honda's activities in global motorsport, especially since the company was founded by a man who had racing at his heart from the start: Soichiro Honda. The founder considered racing as not merely a competition, but a “rolling laboratory” that would help them build the best cars possible.

When Honda first entered Formula One in 1964 as the Honda R&D Company, Soichiro Honda was quoted as saying: “If we're going to build cars, it's better to do the hardest work now than later. The best place to learn is at the highest level.” Within two seasons, a Honda Formula One car won the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix driven by Richie Ginther.

The short video not only highlighted Honda's successes in Formula One, their recent win at the Indianapolis 500 with Takuma Sato (also a former Formula One driver with Honda), and their wins in touring car racing and MotoGP, they also addressed how their failures were important to creating success.

The film also highlighted their recent achievements in translating their motorsport heritage and know-how into their production cars like the new generation Honda NSX and the new Civic Type R.