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Isuzu Philippines debuts three prototypes showing the future of the PUV


Isuzu Philippines presents three PUV prototypes courtesy of Almazora, Centro and Santarosa

As one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, Isuzu Philippines Corporation has unveiled three new trucks in line with the PUV modernizaztion program. Presented during the Public Transport Modernization Expo, Isuzu showed two Class II prototypes and one Class III prototype which are in line with the Department of Transport's (DOTr) program, all of which are based on the Isuzu QKR truck platform.

“Our latest PUV display is a result of the test and development process we had with our previous prototypes. We try to work with different local body manufacturers to give our transport groups more designs to choose from. Rest assured that we work closely with them to ensure the quality and safety of these new products,” said Hajime Koso, president of Isuzu Philippines Corporation.


The three PUV concepts were built by different body manufacturers with Almazora, Centro and Santarosa Motor Works having a different take on the future PUV. Almazora's PUV is a class II model with its own unique, mini-bus body. It features side-facing fiberglass seating with padded cushions, fiberglass and GI sheet combination body panels, panoramic glass windows and electric folding service doors. The Almazora prototype features the headlights from the standard QKR truck, making it recognizable as an Isuzu.

Moving to the Centro model, it is closer in relation to the standard QKR truck. It retains the head of the said truck but comes with a large, square body with room for 23 occupants. Side-facing fixed foam seats, sliding windows, electric folding service door, are some of the features of the Centro-built Class II PUV. Both Almazora and Centro's PUVs feature air-conditioning.

Last but not least is the entry from Santarosa Motor Works. Larger than the offerings from Almazora and Centro, this concept is a Class III PUV with a 23-passenger front-facing seating layout, Galvannealed sheet body panels, panoramic folding service door, panoramic tempered glass windows, fully air-conditioned cabin with continuous room lighting. The body is totally different from the QKR truck and boasts its own unique look, effectively turning it into a mini-bus. Like the Class II models, the Santarosa PUV features air-conditioning. All three run the 4JH1-TC diesel engine. Power is rated at 106 PS with torque at 230 Nm and conforms to EURO IV standards

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