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Isuzu Philippines launches all-new 2018 N-Series light-duty trucks


New Blue Power engines power next-generation Isuzu trucks

Isuzu Philippines Corporation celebrates their 20th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone, the Japanese truck manufacturer unveiled a new range and revamped range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks. For the 2018 model year, the brand's truck range will now be powered by the Blue Power engine series.

Isuzu Philippines president and CEO Hajime Koso said that they are confident that the overhauled engine range will further boost sales across the board. “We are hoping yet we are confident that the Philippines will continue to patronize the brand with these substantial changes that we have introduced. We believe that these game changers are surely to hit it big in the local automotive industry,” adds Koso.


“This country has become our second home and gave us the wings to soar higher than what we were 20 years back. We are looking forward to 20 years and more. To our loyal partners, may you continue to put your trust on us and we promise that we will be finding more ways to meet your expectations,” said Koso.

First is the N-Series light duty truck which receives a full-model change. It gets new sheetmetal, giving it redesigned front fascia. More importantly, the entire range is powered by the aforementioned Blue Power EURO 4 engines, namely, the 4JH1-TC (NLR77 model), 4JJ1-TC (NLR85, NMR85 & NPR85 models) and 4HK1-TCN (NQR75 model).

The medium-duty F-Series trucks also sports the new Blue Power Technology. Three engine choices are available for the truck with the 4HK1-TC (FRR); 6HK1-TCN (FSR and FVR) and the 6HK1-TCS (FVM). Isuzu says these turbodiesels give these trucks more power and efficiency while complying with stringent EURO IV standards making these trucks more effective workhorses.

At the same time, the heavy-duty C & E Series line-up gets the cleaner turbodiesel. Dubbed the 6WG1-TGR, it is now EURO 4 compliant. Aside from lower emissions, the 6WG1-TGR has a higher torque figure than the engine it replaces. Isuzu adds that its power is available at lower engine speeds thanks to the modified turbocharger and increasing engine displacement.

The Blue Power engined Isuzu trucks will be available soon.

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