To provide owners and fleet operators an easier way of managing their fleet of trucks, MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corporation (MACC), the exclusive importer, assembler and distributor of MAN trucks and buses in the Philippines recently launched the new Telematics and Fleet Management System (FMS). The new system will help owners and fleet managers easily manage their fleet, while also being able to monitor driver performance and safety practices.

Developed by MSI/Funtoro, the Man Telematics and FMS is made specifically to be integrated with Mobileye's Advanced Drive Assistance System, a collision avoidance system. Together the system reduces the chances of accidents of occuring, making the roads a safer place.

Thanks to a clould platform, owners and fleet managers can access information such as location and reports of the trucks anytime thanks to GPS and a navigation app. The cloud system works anywhere, be it a desktop or even one's mobile phone as long as it has an internet connection. This allows the real-time tracking of trucks should there be any problem or should the driver navigate off-course. In fact, one could even monitor driving behaviour, providing better insight on drivers and further reducing operating costs.

Likewise with the integration of 3G/LTE data log in FMS, drivers can also notify base should any problems arrise with their trucks. Thanks to the real-time tracking, owners and managers can save on manpower, time and money to go directly to the problematic truck rather than having to search for it.

Apart from benefiting truck companies, MAN Telematic and FMS is also beneficial to street users as well. Having the FMS on trucks would make trucks safer on the roads, improving road safety with its use.

MAN Telematic and FMS is applicable to all sizes of fleets, covering from 1 to 10,000+ vehicles. The system was recently launched in the country last October 9 at the Manila Polo Club, coinciding with MACC's 28th anniversary celebration.