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New eco-friendy Fuso Canter Euro4 trucks launched in the Philippines


More powerful and more eco-friendly hauling solutions from Fuso

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation has just launched a new range of their popular Fuso Canter light duty trucks at the World Trade Center Manila. The new Canter gets a series of engines that conform to Euro4 standards with more power and better emissions. 

“Light duty trucks like the Canter stir economies at the grassroots, making sure goods are accessible to the people,” said Mr. Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, MMPC president. “Without these vehicles, our markets would be sad, empty spaces. That is why it gives us much honor to have this product in our line-up.”



The Canter is one of the most popular choices for business owners due to its durability and cost efficiency. The new line-up offers 4.4, 6.5 and 8.2-ton Gross Vehicle Weight model options, enabling the Canter to suit a wide range of logistics solutions for businesses.


The heart of the new Fuso Canter is what makes the model special. The 4.4-ton, 10-footer FE71 gets a 125 PS 3.0-liter Euro4 turbo diesel with 294 Newton meters of torque. The 6.5-ton, 16-footer FE84 gets the same 3.0L engine, but with more power at 145 PS and more torque at 362 Nm. The range topping 8.2-ton, 18-footer FE85 gets a much larger 4.9-liter Euro4 turbo diesel with 179 PS and 530 Newton meters of torque.

MMPC expects these trucks are expected to play a central role in the execution of the government's plan to grow a more robust economy this year. 

2018 Fuso Canter FE71 – Starts at PhP 1,315,000

2018 Fuso Canter FE84 – Starts at PhP 1,481,000

2018 Fuso Canter FE85 – Starts at PhP 1,580,000 

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